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If you want to run the risk of a no-show DJ on your special day (and then have to fight for a refund), go ahead and hire DJ Sandman. Otherwise, you should read the following review. Without question, you should proceed with SERIOUS caution if you choose to hire Cindy Sandman… the terms of her contract mean nothing to her and she most definitely doesn’t take her business seriously. She will deny any and all of the details of this review, I have no doubt – she denies all other bad reviews out there. But I would gladly send evidence to prove her lack of professionalism, honesty, and integrity.

After years of utilizing DJ Sandman for numerous events (including company functions and my wedding as well as countless referrals for weddings of numerous friends) and considering Cindy a friend, I called Cindy for another company event. In typical fashion, I paid in full months before the event so that I could get the best price. It was wasn’t unusual that I didn’t hear from Cindy for the months leading up to the event (our history of working events together allowed us to communicate very little about what I expected of her services) but on the day of my event, I called to see what time she would arrive at the venue. I called and text her multiple times over a 10 hour period and got no response. (She claims that her phone was dead – interesting move by a business owner, huh?) Again, I assumed with our history that she would be at the event and perform as I expected. BUT, 15 minutes before I assumed she would arrive (45 minutes before the event and her services were scheduled to begin), I received a text message from her husband (because he obviously didn’t take the situation serious enough to step outside and make a call) stating that she had been in an accident and while she was okay, their equipment was being towed with the car. (Seems a little odd that someone would allow thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment go to a tow yard) I felt terrible for Cindy but asked her husband what would be done to provide me with the services I had already paid for. He said that he would “try” but really couldn’t do much – I didn’t hear a thing from him after that. Cindy later told me that her husband didn’t know what to do because he hadn’t been involved in the company in many years (good thing they advertise themselves as a husband and wife owned business) and they didn’t have a back-up nor did they know anyone else in the industry that could help us. (Again, seems a little odd that a business owner doesn’t know their industry enough to know who their competition is) I ended up finding a DJ and paying him $1,500 for a last minute job – nearly 4 times what I had paid Cindy.

Since that time, I have made DOZENS of attempts to get the refund from Cindy. Her contract states 30 days for a refund but it has been 3 months and she has now stopped responding to my requests for the status of my refund. She won’t call, text or email me back. She claims to have sent a cashier’s check but that I never received it and she would reissue it. Then she said she had fallen on hard times and was trying to get me the refund. Then she sent me a tracking number that doesn’t even work. Now, it is nothing but crickets. Lies, lies, and more lies…

Save yourself the heartache that I have had to experience and pay someone with more integrity to manage your special event or day!

Monetary Loss: $382.

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Seattle, Washington, United States #684824

Very interesting write up on this. I had the exact same issue with Cindy.

Weeks leading up to our wedding, she was very limited on contact, and would not return emails, phone calls, in a timely manner. She was the one and only vendor that we could not get to return phone calls, emails, etc. We decided the monday before our wedding, that we had to make a decision to fire her, or give her a shot, but since she had been coming up short on just simple communication, we opted to opt out of our contract, and she got all bent out of shape, and won't refund us our money because she says she didn't have time to rebook.

Well here I am almost a year later, and multiple email attempts, and responses that she's sending my refund still nothing. I'm in the process of filing a small claim against her to recover the 575 dollars she still owes me.

to Anonymous Seattle, Washington, United States #711702

My experience is very similar. I am sorry that you had to go through her wrath as well.

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